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New evidence suggests that your phone, smartwatch or other digital devices could be making you smarter, according to a study conducted in Germany. This research marks a critical turning point in the conversation regarding the effects of technology on intellectual performance and cognitive development. The study, which involved a large sample of adults using digital devices regularly, revealed significant improvements in cognitive abilities across various areas.

For years, many researchers, educators, and parents have expressed concerns over the potentially negative impact of digital devices, especially smartphones, on cognitive function. A significant section of society was under the impression that excessive use of technology contributed to a reduction in attention span, stimulation of unhealthy behaviours, and a deterioration in cognitive capabilities.

However, this new study from the Technische Universität Berlin provides a fresh perspective, suggesting that digital devices like phones and smartwatches might be enhancing our cognitive prowess instead of diminishing it. According to the research, utilized digital devices appear to be fostering various cognitive skills such as problem-solving abilities, analytical thinking, creativity, and critical thinking, among others.

One critical aspect of the study that is worth noting is the distinction between passive and active use of these devices. Passive usage refers to consuming content without much mental effort, such as binge-watching TV series or mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds. In contrast, active usage involves engaging tasks that require mental efforts. This includes navigating a new city using a map app, learning a new concept using an educational app, or resolving an issue on the phone with customer service, among other tasks.

The research found that the effects are most beneficial when using devices actively, immersing oneself in the digital world actively and consciously. Active engagement with digital devices stimulates cognitive processes and can have a positive, long-term impact on our brain flexibility, reasoning skills, memory, and learning capability.

Interestingly, smartwatches also emerge as cognitive enhancers in this study, mainly due to their functions related to health and fitness. The continuous monitoring, tracking of steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, etc., promotes awareness about one’s health, fostering better decision-making regarding diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle, while enhancing cognitive resilience.

The study acknowledges that while these findings suggest that digital devices can enhance cognitive abilities, this does not mean we should have an unrestrained and constant relationship with our devices. It is essential to strike a balance and establish healthy digital habits. Moreover, more research is warranted to determine the full range of effects that digital device usage has on cognitive performance.

The ultimate takeaway from this fascinating German study is that our relationship with digital devices is not inherently harmful or beneficial—it is how we use them that makes all the difference. Our phones, smartwatches, and other digital devices are full of potential to expand our mental horizons, as long as we use them mindfully, actively, and within reasonable limits. Embracing this perspective could help us navigate the digital age more effectively and responsibly.
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