iPhone SE 4, Faltbares iPhone, AR-Brille und mehr: Apples Produktfahrplan für die nächsten 3 Jahre durchgesickert – Lapworld News

Apple’s product roadmap for the next three years has been leaked in Germany, revealing plans for an iPhone SE 4, a Foldable iPhone, AR Glasses, and more. The leak hinted at potential revamps for some of Apple’s well-known products, as well as some innovative new releases.

Starting with the most imminent release, the leak suggests that we could see an iPhone SE 4 as early as 2022. Rumour has it that this new iteration will maintain the SE lineup’s classic small screen design, perpetuating the trend of providing more compact devices for those not enamoured with the increasingly large screens of today’s flagship iPhones. Details about features and specs are still under wraps, but consumers can likely expect some sort of an upgrade from the current previous models.

Arguably, the most exciting reveal from the leak concerns Apple’s foray into the foldable phone market, expected within the next three years. The highly anticipated Foldable iPhone would position Apple in direct competition with products like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Motorola’s Razr. Apple may have adopted a “watch and learn” tactic, observing the reception of other manufacturers’ folding devices before finally deciding to create their own. The idea of an iPhone that can provide a tablet-sized display when you need it and fold down to a more manageable size when you don’t is tremendously appealing.

The leak also suggests that the tech giant is dabbling in the world of augmented reality. In the next two to three years, Apple is expected to release its first pair of AR Glasses. Little information was given about this product in the leak, but it’s safe to speculate that Apple’s AR Glasses will integrate with the iPhone, similar to how the Apple Watch operates.

Other new products and updates allegedly in the works include a new Apple Watch, upgrades to the iPad, improvements to the iOS operating system, and perhaps even a virtual reality headset. The new Apple Watch is rumoured to have several health features, including blood sugar monitoring – a big leap forward for wearable health tech.

A note of caution, however, before anyone gets too excited about these revelations: this is based on a leak, and while some leaks in the past have proven reliable, there’s no guarantee that everything indicated will come to fruition. For instance, the foldable iPhone has been rumoured for several years now with no final product or official confirmation from Apple.

Regardless, the leak has undeniably sparked excitement among Apple users and tech enthusiasts alike. It sketches a future where Apple continues to innovate and expand its tech offerings, making significant strides in both the phone and the wearable market. If these predictions hold true, the next few years could be some of the most groundbreaking in Apple’s history.

But for now, only time will reveal the veracity of the leak and the shape of Apple’s innovative product pipeline. We eagerly wait and watch to see what the tech behemoth has in store for us over the next three years.
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